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Lian li lan cool one digital gold case broken side panel..

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Like the title says.. but can it be possible to buy just a replacement tempered glass side panel directly from lian li? 


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There is no real need for the glass to be tempered. I've been using a piece of 4mm thick regular window glass for years. Tempered is used in situations such as someone breaking a window and getting cut which is why its used in cars. Using "Tempered" is just a marketing ploy by case manufacturers. Unless you plan on putting your head through the window in your case. Price from a glass shop is only a few dollars. But if your intent on wasting money the same glass shop can cut & temper a piece to fit but it will be cost a lot more.

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You're going to be best off contacting Lian Li directly for help regarding this.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Well that figures i could modify the old brackets to fit a new window but to get all the glass out should just buy a replacement...at least my pc is fine haha...



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