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Intel Dynamic Tuning causes delete key to be pressed repeatedly

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm going to try to keep this short and to the point.


I've recently worked on a system where the delete key was being repeatedly pressed. The issue was not with the keyboard. I already determined where part of it's origin was coming from.


The "esif_uf.exe" which is part of the Intel Dynamic Tuning framework was actually constantly emulating the delete key. Rogue? Malware injected? I don't know. There could've been some malware injected DLLs that got in the FileRepository under DriverStore. The executable itself is digitally signed by Intel, so that's not malware. However, I really don't know why this would be causing the delete key to be pressed.


Once I uninstalled the driver from device manager, and also completely deleted all the files from the Intel Dynamic Tuning FileRepository, I reinstalled it again. Everything seemed to be working fine (no more stuck delete key)


One day later, and it's doing it again. Delete key is being emulated. 


If anyone knows of this issue, or is having this issue currently, I'd really appreciate any feedback so we can all get to the bottom of this.


Here's a post I found in regards to removing the Intel Dynamic Tuning driver.

I already knew how to do this, but in case someone else doesn't know there is a solution.


I don't have immediate access to the Lenovo laptop that's having the issue. But when I get access to it, I'll update this post accordingly with any newly found information.


Hopefully this helps anyone who has had the "stuck delete key" with no solution as of yet. If you go into TaskManager and kill "esif_uf.exe" the stuck delete key resolves for about 10 seconds until the program starts up again. (I think it's attached to a service that auto restarts)


Thanks for any feedback.

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