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PCI-Passthrough made easy for: Proxmox VE 6.0-6.2

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Posted · Original PosterOP

It's finally here and tested (for now)

I finally finished all the tools and I gave credit where credit's due. So, please enjoy and so far it didn't break my system so it should work just fine. 😄


here, use this script to unzip the tools for you (assuming that you downloaded it to your home folder or in the terminal type in cd $HOME, press enter and then type in pwd and press enter and it should give your home directory.   so, in this case cd to your folder that you downloaded the tools to and type into terminal:  mv PROXPCIPASSTOOLS.zip $HOME/ then press enter.

Next, type in unzip PROXPCIPASSTOOLS.zip && rm PROXPCIPASSTOOLS.zip and press enter.

cd into PROXPCIPASSTOOLS/ and type in ./install.sh and press enter and just leave the keyboard alone and it will automate the default setup for you.

This also includes configuring:
                                              1.) grub

                                              2.) modules

                                              3.) pci ven#:dev#
                                              4.) blacklist modules conf.
                                              5.) backups of necessary files.


so, enjoy. :)


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