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Best wireless ergonomic vertical mouse?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I’m getting old. Like, “holding my phone to type on it hurts my wrists” old, and “using a regular mouse kills my hand and wrist” mode, so I’m looking to replace my G502 with a vertical mouse for ergonomics. I don’t really care about lights so if it has them cool and if it doesn’t cool. Amazon is flooded with these so I’m looking for your recommendations.


Usage scenario: audio production.

Integrated hot buttons / hot keys welcome as I can use these as macros inside my DAW. 


- Must be wireless

- Must be under $50 USD

- Must be rechargeable


Bonus points if you can find a manufacturer direct link to purchase the product. Because fuck Jeff Bezos. 


If what I'm posting has already been posted, I'm sorry.

Have any questions regarding audio, audio production, or borscht?
I guess you can inbox me but I can't make any promises.

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