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VG240Y or AOC 24G2E5

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Help me decide between the two.. Price about the same so could go for either.. 

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This might help out:


AOC 24G2 Review (Compared to Acer VG240Y Pbiip)


24G2 Pros

  • $20 cheaper at MSRP.

  • Much better stand, with height adjustment and rotation.

  • Comes with a DisplayPort cable.

  • Better contrast, measured at 1474:1 out of the box.

  • Better white color temperature out of the box, hitting 6754k.

  • Nice dim white unobtrusive power light.

  • Can change overdrive while using FreeSync, while the VG240Y Pbiip locks it down to medium.

  • Overdrive set to strong is significantly faster than the VG240Y Pbiip and doesn't have overshoot issues that the VG240Y Pbiip has at extreme. However this setting is not recommended if you're using FreeSync/G-Sync or playing at below 144hz (like on a console) - see cons for more info.

24G2 Cons

  • The unit I received has some significant visible backlight bleed in the lower right corner, but this is likely just due to the panel lottery. If I ordered another one, it probably wouldn't have that issue.

  • The image looks slightly fuzzier. This is likely due to some kind of image filter that AOC applies or different sharpness settings. Unfortunately there is no way to change sharpness in the OSD.

  • The OSD buttons are much harder to use than the single knob on the VG240Y Pbiip.

  • Major gamma issues. Out of the box gamma is 2.06 and can't be fixed unless you use sRGB mode which locks down brightness and color settings, causing even more issues. It can also be fixed with an ICC profile, but this causes banding in the latest version of Windows and also won't be usable on other devices (like consoles). This makes it basically impossible to get a very accurate image, so I wouldn't recommend this monitor for those who are serious about design work or who just care a lot about accurate color.

  • Overdrive is strangely set to off by default.

  • Overdrive set to strong causes bad overshoot at 100hz and 60hz, so I would recommend using overdrive medium if you're using FreeSync/G-Sync (because it changes the refresh rate) or if you're using a console that normally runs at 60hz.

  • Wide color gamut can cause colors to look oversaturated/inaccurate in most programs.


  • Response time at medium overdrive (generally the optimal setting) is the same between both.

  • Calibrated they can both achieve good color temp (6500k) and good brightness (120cd/m2).

  • Everything else not mentioned is basically identical between the two.

Calibration settings

Unfortunately due to poor OSD settings, the 24G2 is basically impossible to calibrate properly for accuracy. Here is the best I could do, but it still leaves the Gamma at 2.05 (when it should be 2.2):

  • Color temp user

  • Red 47

  • Green 49

  • Blue 40

  • Brightness 14

  • Overdrive medium

  • Everything else left at defaults


If you are on a budget, the AOC 24G2 is a great deal because unlike the VG240Y Pbiip, it includes a DisplayPort cable and a decent stand and it's also $20 cheaper. However if you are willing to spend more, and don't mind using your own DisplayPort cable and VESA stand, then the VG240Y Pbiip can achieve better color accuracy and image quality due to much more flexible and accurate on-screen settings.


from: https://www.reddit.com/r/Monitors/comments/dfzhtt/aoc_24g2_review_compared_to_acer_vg240y_pbiip/


CPU: Intel Core i7-9700K 3.6 GHz OC 4.7GHz 8-Core Processor 
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler 
Motherboard: Gigabyte B365M DS3H Micro ATX LGA1151 Motherboard 
Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 CL20 Memory 
Storage: Crucial MX500 500 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive 
Storage: Western Digital RE2 400 GB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive 
Storage: Western Digital Caviar Blue 640 GB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive 
Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 3 GB SC GAMING Video Card 
Power Supply: Antec NeoECO Gold ZEN 700 W 80+ Gold Certified ATX Power Supply 
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM 64-bit 
Monitor: Dell ST2410 24.0" 1920x1080 60 Hz Monitor 
Monitor: NEC LCD1960NXi 19.0" 1280x1024 60 Hz Monitor 
Keyboard: Alienware AW768 RGB Wired Gaming Keyboard 
Mouse: Microsoft Intellimouse Pro - White Shadow Wired Optical Mouse 
Headphones: Sennheiser HD 280 PRO  Headphones 

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