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How or best AIO configuration for NZXT X63

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Hi guys I just recently bought NZXT x63 for cooling my cpu, I just want to fully utilize the AIO and was wondering of what's best configuration for cooling, my full load temp is at 68C, Min is 49. I live in South East Asia and considering this is a tropical country my ambient temp is always warm. Anyone could also recommend a good app for measuring or monitoring temperature? I am using NZXT Cam and HWMonitor. Thanks!


Also, why do my CPU temp changes every 1 second while GPU doesnt? Im noob

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If load temp is that low you are utilizing it well enough so it probably doesn’t matter. 

different people have different attitudes about monitoring apps.  I recall nzxt cam being not well thought of but it had to do with specific situations which may not matter.  Some others would include CPUZ and GPUz, but better may be difficult to determine.  This may change radically in the near future as there is something called foreshadow which may turn everything on its ear.  I am having trouble finding out if there is anything I can do to protect myself from it and I’m not getting answers I can use. 

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