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Help making Joy Shock Mapper working in linux.

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I found this one for windows but it does not work in wine. Could someone tell me how to build it for linux? I looked in the readme file for the source code and it says it can be done I just do not know how to do it myself. Could someone help me with that. If I make a reddit (or an LTT one for that matter (tbh this post was on reddit first)) post after it is working I will be sure to give you and the developer of the program credit for it. Link :https://github.com/JibbSmart/JoyShockMapper#installation-for-players it is the one Linus used in his video about this topic.

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In order to build on Linux, the following dependencies must be met, with their respective development packages:

  • gtk+3
  • libappindicator3
  • libevdev

These are programs or libraries you need to install. 


Due to a bug in GCC, the project in its current form will only build with Clang.

Clang is a compiler. When you compile you need to use that. 




The application requires rwaccess to /dev/uinput, and /dev/hidraw[0-n] (the actual device depends on the node allocated by the OS). This can be achieved by chown-ing the required device nodes to the user running the application, or by applying the udev rules found in dist/linux/50-joyshockmapper.rules, adding your user to the input group, and restarting the computer for the changes to take effect.

These are some commands that give some permissions. 



If you don’t have an understanding of the command line, you can learn it on codecademy. Some universities and community colleges have classes that teach unix/Linux with Linux; could be worth taking one of those. 

Don’t take any of my posts seriously. 


LTT Fan Fiction:


PC game list: 


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