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GPU and CPU with intergrated graphics???

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I was wondering if your computer would work with a GPU and a CPU with intergrated graphics? I know it is a strange question I was just wondering if it would work. 

Take my advice with caution. I could be wrong.

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I am using a chromebook and most of this platform is using windows that means I am outnumbered :/. I hope to join the windows clan later this year by building a pc. Lets just hope prices are normal by then. If they are not, well I do not know what I will do. Okay well on to the posting.


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1 minute ago, turtlecraft said:

I was wondering if your computer would work with a GPU and a CPU with intergrated graphics? I know it is a strange question I was just wondering if it would work. 

Yes, it would work.

The integrated graphics would get turned OFF once a dedicated videocard is installed, but this can be enabled in the BIOS again if you truly wanted to have both running at the same time.

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Not sure what you mean. Most modern CPU have integrated graphics (IGPU).
Wouldn't make any sense for a DGPU to have integrated graphics, as that's what a GPU is.


You can use IGPU and a DGPU in the same system to drive extra monitors.


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Yes, even at the same time. People have been running graphics cards with intel QSV (that requires an iGPU) for years

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Totally works!

You can even use the integrated GPU at the same time as your graphics card (Not that I would recommend it, definitely some video artifacts with this specific setup.)

But yeah, go for it!

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can you use them at the same time? yea

can you boost game performance with both of them running at the same time? no


normally the iGPU will be disabled when dGPU is plugged in, but you can enable it in bios and use the video out ports on your motherboard to connect extra monitors

and yes, gaming on those ports are fine, your dGPU will still render the game, and pass the output thru the iGPU, so you'll still get dGPU performance

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Some older AMD APU processors would do a hybrid crossfire with certain discrete cards. Modern hardware doesn't have this feature that I'm aware of.

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