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Can't Access Bios - Please help!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So usually I am pretty good with computers, but I recently bought an AIO, with a touch display. The idea was to buy it, load Android_x86 on it,

and install in my kids room, so he didn't have to commandeer my phone all the time.


I boot it up, go into Win10, no issues. Shut it down, entered BIOS and changed default boot order, so I could boot from my flash drive.

So far, so good. I get Android_x86 installed and boot into it, tons of errors. So I am thinking, I may as well just throw Win10 back on there

and teach the kid how to use it (he's almost 3, should be able to figure sh*t out!).


So, I reboot, but now, there is no longer power to the keyboard, so I can't enter the damn BIOS. The USB's don't become powered until booted

into the system. I read somewhere, that you could hold down the power button on certain intel socket MB's and it would reset, but that just

powercycles the machine. So anyone have any ideas on what to do next?


The computer in question, is a somewhat old Medion All-In-One PC with a touch display and I am actually not entirely certain about the specs on it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I currently only have a brick.

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I dont know if the old Medion AIO´s had a CMOS clear button on the MB, but if you can open the PC, try removing the MB battery and put it back in afterwards, that should do the trick with old medion / pre lenovo build ones.

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Is it possible to access the motherboard and clear the CMOS? It should reset the boot order so you should be able to access Win10.

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If you want to enter BIOS but Windows is to fast, that might be a security feature.
You have to go into Windows settings to enter BIOS now, thus needed password.

Here's how you get into BIOS:

  1. Enter Win10 Settings
  2. Click Update & Security
  3. Click Recovery on the left side
  4. Then click the Restart Now button
  5. On the blue screen click Troubleshoot
  6. Then Advanced options
  7. Then click on EUFI Firmware settings
  8. Click Restart


The computer then reboots and you should be able to enter the BIOS.

When i ask for more specs, don't expect me to know the answer!
I'm just helping YOU to help YOURSELF!
(The more info you give the easier it is for others to help you out!)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Well, I will try clearing the CMOS when I get home, and see if that makes any difference. But, seeing as I thought I was a god of computers, I just outright removed Windows, when installing Android_x86.

Any chance that the CMOS reset, will repower the USB's pre-system boot? That's the real issue. The keyboard doesn't turn on until I am loaded into the brokenass Android. The Medion screen displays, and I would have the option to access the BIOS, but there is just no power to the keyboard. Also, the machine doesn't have PS/2, so that's not even an option.

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Might do


Quote me or @Not Wills for a reply!

Contact info on my profile!

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just prepare an win 10 usb drive, plug it in with nothing else besides keyboard and mouse. the boot loader will force usb powering.

there is also an option somewhere in android_x86, but i have not worked with it for quite some time....

why not installing an super easy linux distribution?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

@AlexAfterwork - I could install an easy linux distro, but I honestly just thinking about getting Win10 back, and then put it in kiosk mode. The problem with Android_x86, is that it is so broken on this machine, that I can't even get past the setup screen. Every available service keeps crashing, including the setupwizard. xD So.. I am just going to kill it. 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

oK, so turns out, all I had to do was pry the damn thing open, and remove the CMOS battery. That made the thing go into recovery mode and I was able to get back to factory settings (Windows 8, uck!). Currently in the process of getting Windows 10 on there. Thanks for the help guys. :)

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