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Phil Schiller to step down as VP of Worldwide Marketing

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Not only has Apple announced new iMac Models today, which you can read up on here, but they also took it to the Apple Newsroom to announce that prominent executive Phil Schiller will departure from VP of Worldwide Marketing to "Apple Fellow". In his new duties he will oversee various aspects of the App Store and Apple's events such as WWDC. Schiller has been with Apple since 1987. Greg Joswiak, one of Schiller's lieutenants and a 20-year Apple veteran, will take over Schiller's prior role and title. He is known as "Joz" in the company and he previously led marketing for some specific Apple products such as the first iPhone and iPod. 




-Quote from the Apples Newsroom Press Release-


Cupertino, California — Apple today announced that Phil Schiller will become an Apple Fellow, continuing a storied career that began at Apple in 1987. In this role, which reports to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Schiller will continue to lead the App Store and Apple Events. Greg (Joz) Joswiak, a longtime leader within the Product Marketing organization, will join the executive team as senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.


“Phil has helped make Apple the company it is today and his contributions are broad, vast, and run deep. In this new role he will continue to provide the incredible thought partnership, and guidance that have defined his decades at Apple,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “Joz’s many years of leadership in the Product Marketing organization make him perfectly suited to this new role and will ensure a seamless transition at a moment when the team is engaged in such important and exciting work. I’m thrilled that the whole executive team will benefit from his collaboration, ideas, and energy.”


Schiller has helped guide Apple’s products as well as its marketing for 30 years. He most recently led the effort to plan and execute Apple’s first-ever virtual Worldwide Developers Conference. The event, notable both for its innovative software and hardware announcements as well as its creative and much-praised execution, set a new standard for what virtual events can achieve in the era of COVID-19.


“It has been a dream come true for me to work at Apple, on so many products I love, with all of these great friends — Steve, Tim, and so many more,” said Schiller. “I first started at Apple when I was 27, this year I turned 60 and it is time for some planned changes in my life. I’ll keep working here as long as they will have me, I bleed six colors, but I also want to make some time in the years ahead for my family, friends, and a few personal projects I care deeply about.”


My thoughts

It's cool and interesting to see Phil Schiller staying in the business a little longer, he has done great work and has been with Apple for many years. Even though I'm not really a fan of Apple I will still wish him all the best for his new duties at the Company and his future plans.



Apple Newsroom Press Release




Also @zeusthemoose

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I have owned a few apple products and never liked them, apples marketing has been on point and very good, itll be interesting to see where it goes.


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For being a Schiller he didn't live up to his name

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There was a head of marketing whose name was Schiller? That’s beautiful. I had a doctor named doctor hazard once.  It was also pretty poetic.  He once misset a broken arm on a girl in my school.  Thing bent at an angle.  I think she eventually had it rebroken and set correctly. 

Life is like a bowl of chocolates: there are all these little crinkly paper cups everywhere.

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1 hour ago, Bombastinator said:

There was a head of marketing whose name was Schiller? That’s beautiful. I had a doctor named doctor hazard once.  It was also pretty poetic.  He once misset a broken arm on a girl in my school.  Thing bent at an angle.  I think she eventually had it rebroken and set correctly. 

Ouu I had family who once had a surgeon named Dr. Hacker and another who had a Dr. Slaughter.


I think there’s a name for this, but I can’t remember it 😂


on topic: nice to hear he’ll stay around. I was fairly impressed with the online WWDC, so hopefully he can still give some good input

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6 hours ago, Blade of Grass said:

I think there’s a name for this, but I can’t remember it 😂

nominative determinism

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36 minutes ago, Video Beagle said:

nominative determinism

But with last names of Hacker and Slaughter I would be expecting quite different life/career paths than doctors, if you know what I mean 😉

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