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My pc never performs max usage-low fps

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Posted · Original PosterOP

With this setup i seem to get way less fps than i sohuld be getting in almost all games.

leauge of legends for instance average at around 120 fps, while my gpu uses 20-30% usage and gpu 30-40%

I use a 2560×1600px monitor at 144Hz.

My friend uses a 1070 gpu on a 4k screen getting atleast 200 fps on average

My best guess is that there isnt enough power on my psu since my gpu uses 650W leaving only 100W for the rest of the system.

I have tried everything in nvidia settings high performance etc.

No vsync is enabled i do have gsync enabled(dont think that takes performance)

Recently removed geforce experience from my pc some people said that was an issue but no change. 

I am using an updated bios

pc specs.png

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Your power supply is definitely not the problem. A 2070 recommends a 650W PSU but that's taking into account the rest of the system-- it's near impossible to cool more than 300W in a standard graphics card cooler, so very few cards will use more than that. Those recommendations are also from a time when power supplies were much worse and couldn't always deliver full power on the main rails, so it's a bit overkill.


I'd check drivers most likely, and make sure XMP is enabled.

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Not quite sure your PSU would be the problem, a 2070S is rated to draw 215W and I doubt you'd be drawing over the rest with system. Have you tried stress testing and seeing if that gets your resource usage up? Checking your drivers would probably be the case if not. This might seem obvious, but have you unlocked your IG framerates?

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remove g sync and try again

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Read this: 








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Your system doesn't draw even half of 750W while gaming, and the Vengeance is a solid unit. The 2070 Super does not pull 650W btw, that's just what most manufacturers "recommend".

DDU your video drivers, install the latest from the GeForce website, then try playing both with G-Sync on and off.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

My ingame framerates are unncapped, not sure how to stress test.

Tried removing g sync no real difference 

updated drivers still didnt do much

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If you want to know how much power your GPU uses get GPU-Z and under Advanced/Nvidia Bios it will be displayed. 

A RTX 2070 should be around 200 watts max with an overclock. The number can vary depending on the silicon and cooler.

If you want to see your max power usage. Run a GPU bench like Heaven with GPU-Z open to Sensors and select Power Consumption (W) to max.  


You can check out your CPUs power usage with hwinfo64, under CPU power. You will need to run a CPU bench like Cinebench R15 to get the max power used.


21 hours ago, Grabhanem said:

it's near impossible to cool more than 300W in a standard graphics card cooler, so very few cards will use more than that. 

Most 2080 tis use a lot more than 300 watts and use standard coolers. 

My EVGA XC that is a 2 fan, 2 slot card uses 347 watts max and my FTW3 Ultra uses 387 watts max.

The same sized cooler are on 2070s.


What makes the 2080 ti a bit frustrating to own is that all are limited by there cooling solution. By contrasts my GTX 1080 tis were limited by their clocks.

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