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9700k downclocking as low as 800mhz While in game

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys , it’s not really an issue as much as I just want to know why !? So, in game or in bench mark like time spy my 9700k will down clock to stock speeds and 1.2ghz a lot and even as low as the energy saver speed of 800mhz. However in the cpu portion of time spy or if you run a cpu only benchmark like intel diagnostic tool it will run at 5ghz the whole time, so it must think it’s not needed and down clock unless usage is high enough ? This can be fixed by going into windows and turning power management from balanced to high performance so it’s not the end of the world , because I think that’s fine to do ( new to all this ) but my seven700 K never had this behavior so it’s bothering me lol. Any ideas ??? I should note that it did this when I first bought it and then I believe stopped so maybe it’s a bios update or something. The cpu is overcloked to 5ghz with a voltage of 3.500v, and avx offset of 0 , and an LLC of medium. Temperature never breaches 75 and it usually in the 50’s under load. 

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Full load temps tested with Prime95 or OCCT. 

You must mean 1.350v, sounds about right, my 8700K does at 1.360v so your good there.


Well you make sure your chipset is up to date. 

Then you can update the bios on the board, if you haven't done this already......


What program are you using to view Cpu frequency? Perhaps the program (time spy) is not running on core 0 if you're using Cpu-z. If you are using cpu-z, to see all core frequencies, just right click on the frequency box and it will drop down a list of all cores at their speeds.


You can play with a program called QuickCpu. It will give you better control of your system, including core parking, clearing memory cache and other tweaks.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

It actually did this when I first bought it and gigabyte and intel said it was normal and just leave set to high performance in power management even though I don’t think so. It just resolved its self and ran at 4.6 all the time in game. I’m realizing now that one thing I did do was update the bios. I did it again when I overclocked so maybe that why. In the description it says “ fixed cpu  Vcore and power behavior “ maybe in my case it did the opposite? I did post this to a gigabyte subreddit and the person that responded said he didn’t have this problem on either so idk. I Have all the Major monitoring apps major monitoring apps, core temp , cpuz, ect but I was just using after burner in game and in beachmark when I see the clock speed drop just because it’s in the corner in full screen. Thanks for your help btw 

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