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How do I put my Windows 7 installation on a new hard drive?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello., I need to change the hard drive but I don't want to install everything again. Is not really a new one, but just a spare 2.5" Seagate from an old laptop.

I'm using a WD1003FZEX now and want to retire it temporarily after 29500 hours. The Seagate is a ST320LT007.  

These days I only use the pc for office tasks and web browsing. 

So how do I clone the W7 installation, what programs should I use?..

And also what do you think of going from a WD1003FZEX to a ST320LT007  xD..!  thanks...

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I believe WD Magician has a cloning feature you can use. 


I say this pretty much every time it comes up, but I would advise against using Windows 7. It's already 6 months out of date in terms of security. I'd take this chance to move to Windows 10 or 8.1.


EDIT: I might be thinking of Samsung Magician, not WD. Still, I'd recommend moving to an OS that is receiving security updates either way. 

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