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Strange Wifi Throttling / Slowdown every month

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello People, I am facing a strange problem with my router. It's a D-Link DIR-600M

Every few days in the beginning of the month, I face a strange slowdown issue. Pages take time to load or redirect and chrome status keeps spinning a long time before loading / redirecting. 

Also my phone keeps disconnecting from the network, and does not connect unless i switch off my phone's wifi off and on again


First I thought it's the ISP throttling the data, but it's not.

If i use a Ethernet cable from the router to my laptop, the speed issue does not exist.

It takes time even to load even though its a local page.


Any idea what might cause this issue?


I have checked the active client table for pirates, but there are none.

The problem occurs over multiple devices including mobile phones and other laptops.


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