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How low does ping needs to be so it's considered indistinguishable for competitive gaming?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Sorry if this is the wrong subforum for this question.

According to the only article I could find on such of a topic and I quote: "In gaming, any amounts below a ping of 20 ms are considered exceptional and “low ping,” amounts between 50 ms and 100 ms range from very good to average, while a ping of 150 ms or more is less desirable and deemed “high ping.”" So according to the article 20 and below is "low ping" and it's exceptional but does that mean it's indistinguishable for fast paced games like CS:GO, OW, Fortnite, etc?


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1. There is a reason why all competitive matches are ran on local network. I would say anything below 10ms is extremely hard to notice.

y'all need to poop more often.

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As a casual player I start to notice at 150ms and will play anything below 200ms, but if you are a pro and have a low delay monitor with a high refresh rate then you might try to keep it under 50ms. As @Levent said though, if you are playing with a specific group then getting them together for a LAN party would have the best results. Ultimately though everyone's perception and gear are different and you will need to experiment to find whats acceptable for you.

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Anything 50 and below is fine.

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I find that when I'm gaming and getting around 62 - 78 ping it isn't bad.

Anything higher then that is really laggy. The higher it gets the more intolerable it is for me. 😡

I never get lower then 62 ping.

I would guess a 35 or less ping is probably laser like. 🤩


I'm not too serious about it though for me it is all just about enjoying myself but that is how I rate it.


The thing that makes it most unpleasant for me though is not so much that I can't get any lower.

It is that it goes up and back down so much in a game, its inconsistency. 

Like it will start out in the 90s ( not great but playable) but then half way through the game go up to like 130 - 140s (very laggy). Then back down to 90s. Back and forth like that during the game.

Making it hard for me to adjust my playing.

Which makes it hard for me to play well and enjoy myself sometimes.  😖






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If you were used to Lan parties and typical looking at stats, 10ms, 11ms and then played at 33-45ms I doubt you'd notice... maybe at 30ms+ for specific latency sensitive people.

40ms-80ms I'd think is a comfortable mindset (brains interpolating whats happening between actions) and anything above 85-90ms I'd choose a better server if available.

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100ms is acceptable for me for online gaming. But 50ms or lower is my personal sweet spot, especially for twitch shooters and other games where reaction and timing matters a lot.

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