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VM graphics cards worth it? #noob

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi I'm only new to this whole server game and have finally started the ball rolling.
I'm asking is it worth it to get a graphics card in my server since I'm only really using it for VM's and I'm wondering if it could assist with the performance when I'm 'remote console'-ing into it.
I'm running with 2 x E5-2690v2, 384 DDR3 1866MHz, PCIE 3.0 and it has 4 x (8x) slots and 2 x (16x) slots. 
This is pretty much just running a plex server, linux (educational purposes) and eventually I want it to do 

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If you are gonna be running a Plex server you may want to look into GPU accelerated GPU encode / decode but it really won't make that much of a difference. You could totally get something like a GTX 1650S low profile if you wanted just a tiny bit of extra horses (and that NVENC encoder) to do basic sort of encoding stuff.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Cheers but I don't mind spending a bit of money if I'm looking at a decent performance increase. I don't really understand what doing the GPU encoding/decoding. But I don't think i need a low profile since it's in a HP dl380p g8. But do all graphics cards come with a output video port or are there server specific ones that don't have any (I won't be using an output video so I would think that it would be technically cheaper to manufacture without the ports hence more specific use cases).

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