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1 CPU 2 users (1 remote)

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Hi everyone, I'm currently building a mid-high end system (min ryzen 7 3700x/intel i7-9700k, 2070s/2080s - all depending on deals and the new gen zen/nvidia). I'm wondering what (if even possible) can I do if I want to say stream games off it to a remote laptop on the same network, while another member of my household uses the pc for work/watching videos/playing light games.

Any tips (preferably free solutions) would be great.

Oh and I'm UK based so my internet connection speed isn't amazing!

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You could do that with steamlink-- it depends more on your local network than your internet connection. It tends to output to the display as well, but you could probably adapt a hacked VGA cable to show up as a "display" with no physical output and draw to that, or get a headless HDMI stick or something.

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RDP can do this on windows server, but thats kinda ugly, and windows server is expensive.


Why not just get the other user a laptop or desktop? They still need something to remote into it, and it won't take much to get a system that can do those basic tasks.

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