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What could be causing this screeching noise?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Windows 10 with an 5700xt on the latest and drivers.



Video with the noise. I've cranked the fans on the gpu in the amd software to 100% with zero noise like this, and i disabled the case fan and the noise persisted. I downloaded passmark to test when the noise begins, and the second the software is open and the 3d image of a motherboard is shown its starts screeching.  I disabled the HDD incase that was some how making a noise, but it wasn't that. 

When the passmark launch screen is open, the gpu is idle at 45c, and the cpu is under 10% load. If I move to the X on the window and hold the mouse button down (the 3d image stops spinning) the screeching noise instantly stops, and restarts when it starts spinning again. 

Additionally, it doesnt make this noise in project cars 2. Only while using VR and passmarks loading screen so far.


I ran the bench mark test, and it makes the noise when it gets to the physics compute bit at the very end. 

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I can't hear it very well in the video, but it's probably coil whine-- at high load the VRM chokes can start to buzz. As far as I know it's not harmful.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

It's not at a high load though, it's at a non existent load on the opening screen of the bench mark software.

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Posted · Original PosterOP


Here's a much better video and also shows what is causing the noise to start.

EDIT To add to it, with further testing its only when I'm using VR and the headset is not on that its doing it. actually under load, its silent. 

so playing alyx via oculus, its fine. I pop the head set off for a second, it starts screeching. Back on, it instantly stops. 

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