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PC Freeze (CPU Overclock problem)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello my PC keeps crashing and I'm assuming it's my CPU because that's the only thing that has changed.


What happens: Usually when I stop doing stuff my PC will crash, example was watching youtube paused and left my PC for a minute and it crashed assuming maybe its something to do with voltage idk. I also have run benchmarks in games and it seems to be fine so I am pretty confused.



OS: Windows 10

CPU: i5 8600k 

RAM: 16GB DDR4 3200mhz 

motherboard: ASRock Z370M Pro4



(I have checked the storage drives with a crucial storage benchmark and I don't think its them)



Alright here is the screenshots of my CPU settings (sorry if they are shit)






I changed the fixed voltage increasing it to 1.39 and its crashing btw so idk if theres anything here u guys can spot instantly or any advice or links to threads if not ill keep searching


this usually doesnt have a specific time just usally after i stop doing stuff 



my bad if this is in the wrong section or something sorry mods etc 

(now have hwinfo64 sensors open so can check what the temps are, voltage etc when it crashes again ) 


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reset the cmos and tell me here

if it was useful give it a like :) btw if your into linux pay a visit here  and i will be thankful if you send me an opinion here  


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use a llc with less vdroop (high vdroop is usually the cause of idle crashes), not sure if thats llc1 or llc3 on z370 , u definitely don't need 1.3v to run 4.4, make sure ur vrm isn't overheating, if thats the case, more voltage might make it worse.

9900k 1.32v max 1.26v avx 5.1ghz-1avx 4.8 cache 95C 175w 1.05v 4.4ghz 95w 55C R20/blender temps ll D15 ll Z390 taichi ult 1.60 bios ll gskill 2x8gb 16-16-16-34-280-24 ddr3866  bdie 1.42v dram 1.22v io/sa (anything higher needs more voltage on all (dram/io/sa) ll EVGA 2080 ti XC 1995//7600 power limited 79C max, stock voltage (bad ocer) ll 2x samsung 860 evo 500gb raid 0 ll 500gb nvme 970 evo ll Corsair graphite 780T ll EVGA G2 1300w ll Windows 10 Pro ll NEC PA272w (movie, work mon) 2k60 14bit lut ll Predator X27 4k144 hdr (using at 4:4:4 98)


old rig 8600k d15 evga 1080 ti hybrid  z370 extreme 4 2x8gb ddr3000 512gb nvme evo+ 860 evo 500gb raid 0 evga p2 1000w 

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Posted · Original PosterOP



My bios has 'optimized easy overclock' preset options like 4.6ghz etc, I clicked these then clicked disable and it seems like it went back to default stock ish CPU settings.


I set LLC to 1 (as suggested)







Well also tried LLC on auto and im still getting crashes, but also now Im getting them in game sometimes as well although possibly the game could be considered idle at some parts idk


inside a-tuning app


and hwinfo (current, minimum maxium average) (just opened but averages explained below)



not sure which one is VRM or maybe my motherboard doesnt have access to seeing it idk as far as temperatures go the CPU reaches like 60cish and then peaked at like 80c when it was previously overclocked and motherboard itself was reaching 50C i believe im gonna keep chekcing these to double check but im pretty sure these is around average


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