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Giga Bus Driver

Computer won't boot first time. Orange light

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Recently rebuilt my PC with a new ryzen 3600 and a new case. I'm currently having this issue that I have not had before. When I power up my PC, everything turns on, i can tell by RGB, but my fans won't spin even though its RGB is on (Corsair LL120) and my motherboard shows an orange light. My GPU fan is spinning at 100% during this orange light and so are my two Corsair LL120 fans that are powered by my Corsair H100i AIO. My PC won't boot while showing this orange led on my motherboard and with my GPU fans at 100%, i've left it like this for 30 minutes wanting to see if anything changes and nothing did. I did manage to get my PC to boot when i flipped my PSU on off switch to off and back to on. If I do that during this orange light motherboard not booting problem, my PC boots fine and works normally for hours on end, while gaming and stress testing.


I'm just stumped because this didn't happen before and my pc does work fine and boots fine if i flick the power switch on my PSU off and on again. I've updated to latest chipset on AMD's website, I've disabled fast boot, I've updated to latest bios on my motherboard. Please help.

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