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HELP! I need this to host on a website.

I GOT IT Working now!!! Oh Lord!!

They got me a sub domain http://abc.xsrv.jp and I uploaded the data files to the root.
After surfing around, I found that I need to move/copy "htaccess" to the "build" folder.


Thanks @Eigenvektor :D

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I have a Unity WebGL for web data that has 1 index.html and 2 data folder. This can be access localhost or through IP within the company.


The target is to host it on a rented web server. I have 10days free trial rental server on https://www.xserver.ne.jp/  ...


How do I host this WebGL project on that webserver? 


I just want to browse like "http://blablabla.xserver.ne.jp/" and go directly to the Unity WebGL and load the interactive 3D data.

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I can't read Japanese. What kind of hosting do they provide? Is this a virtual server or just web space for html? I suspect you'd just have to upload the files to the root of your web space.


In doubt they'll give you a subdomain though. So it'll probably be hosted in a directory beneath their domain.

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