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Just got fiber, can I use my old ADSL Modem+Router as a router only?

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My ISP just upgraded my ADSL connection to Fiber. I had an ADSL Modem/Router combo, which has a more powerful Wi-Fi range than the new Fiber modem my ISP provided. So, my question is if I can use my ADSL Router as just a router, with the fiber modem? If so, how should I connect it?. Fiber cable to Fiber modem, then RJ45 from an Ethernet port on fiber modem to ethernet port in router, set the fiber modem to Bridge mode, and then use another ethernet port on the routet to connect to PC? is this correct?

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Should be able to. But make sure the ADSL Router has an ethernet input. I've had a few ADSL Modem+router combos before that have only had phone line in.

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It depends solely on the options in your old modem and how much control it gives you, but the steps you wrote are correct and should work.
You could potentially plug your PC directly into new fiber modem as well, and have the cable between new and old modem be reserved for Wi-Fi devices only,so the bandwidth on that interconnection isn´t limited by all devices at once :) 

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