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Pc help quick

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So basically I’am almost done with my pc then I notice that the cable set of the four small ones, that wire has an end to it and I have no idea where to put it, it’s something with my case,


What I mean is that normally (from my perspective) is that the cable with the front panel connectors should be hooked up to the chassi like the other small cables such as the usb and stuff but this one I got had a female part on the other end and the pins were like
(1=the pins)
(X=blocked off)
So basicallyy its 5 on the top and tour on the bottom, please i need some help, i had another cable from te psu which was labeled F panel and it matched the end to the f panel connectors but when i tried putting it in, it wont go and it might break if I try harder

Ty and pls respond

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Yeah.  Your post is all over the place.


What's the connector on the motherboard?  What's the connector on the case?

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is a USB connector.



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You mean 7:57? The guy legit tells you exactly what it is and shows where it goes.


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