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unwanted xbox one controller acting like mouse and keyboard

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So, ever since the new windows 10 update my xbox one controller won't stop behaving like a mouse and keyboard and it is driving me insane.

When i use the left analog stick, it moves the mouse, when pressing the "B" button it right-clicks with the mouse for example.

I tried to google the problem, but all i get are steam stuff like big picture mode or other steam related problems, which i do not even have installed at this point and yet the problem persists.


The biggest drawback of this, is that i cannot play any game normally (via steam or through emulators), since the game switched between keyboard/mouse and controller constantly when i press or do anything with the controller.


I uninstalled the latest update, but that did not fix it for me sadly, so the update must have changed SOMETHING that makes the controller behave this way.


Does anyone know how i can fix this?

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53 minutes ago, WarWeeny said:

no one?

While this may not fix your issue, one thing you could try, even though this regards steam, is that you can try disabling xbox configuration support. This helped me with my xbox one controller. Another option, although I am not sure about this, is seeing if you can uninstall any associated drivers for the controller in device manager and then try reinstalling them. Either than that I am a bit stumped. 

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