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Would appreciate some advice on my first PC build

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4 hours ago, chiranutam said:


1. faster, 3600MHz memory will make a considerable diference

2. case with better airflow can be chosen

3. extra storage, maybe another 500gb sata ssd or a 2tb hardrive

4. you can even get a better cpu, like the 3700x.


welcome to my potato farm


system 1: Pentium E5200, 1024 MB DDR2 Memory, 320GB 3G HDD, Intel GMA 3100 Graphics, Random Hack Motherboard and PSU


system 2: Athlon X2 250, 2048 MB DDR3 Memory, 3x500 GB 6G HDDs, Integrated Graphics, Random Hack Motherboard and PSU


system 3: in the works, waiting for Zen3 and Ampere/Big Navi :3

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