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Best air cooler for overclocking?

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The biggest that will fit...

Main Rig:

Ryzen 2600, ASUS Corsshair Hero VII Wi-Fi, 16 GB Geil DDR4 3000 @ 3200, XFX RX 580 @ 1425/2250, Corsair H115i Pro AIO cooler, Soundblaster Z, ADATA SX8200 1tb, Samsung 850 EVO 500gb, Corsair CX850M PSU, Coolermaster Stryker case, ROG ARGB strips (most important thing)



Dell SFF Optiplex 990, i7 2600, 8gb of random ddr3, GTX 1650 LP, ADATA 240gb SSD, 1tb random spinny HDD (no RGB 😭)

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3 minutes ago, OU812 said:

The biggest that will fit...

That's not a sarcastic as it sounds. Cooler fit is a real issue, and will be your chief limiting factor, aside from money. That said it depends entirely on the CPU and how far you're pushing it. A good quality single tower will be fine for up to something like a 3700X, but if you're in 3900X territory, you'd want to be looking at dual tower. However, then you're going to have to pay extremely close attention to case dimensions and RAM height. 


Your case will have a maximum cooler height dimension and the cooler manufacturer should have some documentation on chip compatibility. Noctua, for example, has an extensive database online of CPUs, motherboards, and cases, which of its coolers fit, and whether they're good for normal operation of overclocking.


If you can't get this info, TDP can be a rough approximation, but it's not exact and doesn't really mean anything. However, generally speaking, for a 65W chip you'd want a 120W TDP cooler, 95W would be 180W TDP and higher would be around 250W TDP cooler. Again, just a rough guideline, because TDP doesn't actually mean anything and even then, doesn't mean the same thing for a CPU as a cooler for that CPU, as crazy as that may sound.

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I think the nh-d15 is the best you can get, but do your due diligence to see if it will fit. 


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that was a unusual combo, water cooled GPU but air CPU. AIO GPU right?

but yeah as the other say.  and look in this list.


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Get a D15 or Dark Rock Pro 4. They are generally regarded as the best air coolers.


I have a D15 on my 3600. It's a little overkill but keeps my CPU nice and cool. And I can run the fans super slow unless I'm doing heavy all core work.


What CPU are you cooling?


Water-cooling the GPU is a good idea though. Definitely the highest heat component on a gaming rig.

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Depends a lot on what you are cooling with it. No point buying a 100$ cooler for a 200$ cpu.

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