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Is it possible to put side panel hinges on a Corsair Spec Omega RGB case?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I enjoy the looks of the Corsair Spec Omega RGB case, but I absolutely loathe the hex screws that mount the tempered glass side panel to the chassis. The screws are easy to strip and make it a PITA to service my computer. I would very much instead pay for the privilege to simply swing open the panel to access my components by retrofitting hinges onto the case from another Corsair case. Among all of the replacement parts available on Corsair's web store, I am unsure which set of hinges to buy for my case if any of them would fit at all. Of course, I would also need to fit a matching set of hinges on the side panel or replace it entirely with a compatible one, but I want to know if someone else has done a similar mod to their case by a similar method. Much appreciated.

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Just get some hinges from the hardware store and mount them on the panel? It's not hard. May need to dremel a bit into the case for a flush fit but really it's basically just a door.

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heres a basic sketch 


you will need a drill press, special glass drill bit (how to use), 2 strips of steel or aluminium about 1/8 thick 1-2 in wide and the length of your panel, rubber tape, metal drill bit, and two hinges to have the door swing. i would also suggest doing a simple magnetic open/shut https://imgur.com/a/CQFsZqt and after you drill all the holes and test fit, you can spray paint it all black and i will blend well enough.


cleanest way to do the screws is by threading the steel/aluminium strips, but you can achieve similar results using nuts and bolts, but you will have visible nuts on the outside, and need flush screw heads.

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