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Dual monitors on GT 1030 issue

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Posted · Original PosterOP

System: Ryzen R 3 1200/GT 1030/8Gb DDR4 /300W PSU/HDD+SSD/Samsung LCD TV (connected over HDMI -->VGA, 1080p primary) LG L1730S (connected over DVI-I -->VGA, 1024p secondary)


Issue: Individually both run fine, no system issue. But as I connect together, they start flickering, random black screens or no signal pops.


Tried: Updating monitor driver from Device manager(says already best installed). Manual monitor driver install to distinguish both from 'generic pnp monitor' to specific ones. Clean Graphics driver install. Adding 'FriendlyName' string value in Registry. Nvidia settings for matching refresh rates, color gamut etc


Noticed: while in nvidia panel, post flickering it would output on both but detect only one 'digital display' for a second.

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