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Help with Hard tubing

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General stuff.  Gonna be real general from me I’m afraid.  I don’t have any specific information about he parts and I can’t tell from the ads what size the holes are.  A fittings list is impossible because that would be specific to what goes where and how it all lines up.


For how-tos there are a bunch of videos.  Some here.


Ill list a few things that pop out at me specific to these parts


at least one of these things has rgb. Rgb has gotten proprietary and annoying so paying attention to which brand of system is needed may matter.


some of the connections are into plastic and some are into metal.  Some of the plastic ones don’t even look like they’re threaded.  Implies that is something the user is expected to do.  Threading requires the appropriate tap and can be ticklish. Plastic is soft and easy to crack.  As size of holes go There is US and metric and there are several sizes for each.  The metric and US stuff can be very close in size.  So close one is sometimes referred to as the other.  They’re frequently not close enough though.  Again, take care.


hardline tubing is reportedly not preferable for beginners.  For one thing it needs a kink prevention system for bending and is famously unforgiving of even minor error.  It’s easy to make it look ugly.  For plastic tubing the kink preventer is usually a flexible silicone rod that is put inside the tube to keep it from collapsing.  Silicone is very heat resistant.  For copper it’s a sometimes a spring that goes around the outside of the tube or a pipe bending tool that does something very similar but is clamshell like.  Plastic is reportedly easier and less expensive.  Again watch the videos.

Life is like a bowl of chocolates: there are all these little crinkly paper cups everywhere.

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Moved to Liquid & Exotic Cooling. Better chance of people with experience with hard tubing seeing your post here. :)

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8 hours ago, cerne.alce said:

Need help finding the size of the tube an which fittings to use just need general help on what i need to buy for the part i have in the links below 

Here is some actually useful and relevant information for the question: Essentailly all watercooling "holes" are G1/4" threaded, and so any fitting that terminates in a G1/4" fitting will be suitable for these (and any standard PC watercooling) parts.


For the end that accepts the tubing, you are free to choose whatever size tubing that you like the look of. Performance wise there is no difference between thin and thick tubing. For soft tubing, thick tubing doesn't kink as much so that may be a consideration.


Whether you decide to do hard/soft tubing, my recommendation is to buy the tubing from the same manufacturer as the fitting, this likely ensures that the fittings actually seal well around the tube. Alternatively, as a minimum do your due diligence and pair imperial-perfect fittings with imperial-perfect tubing, and metric-perfect fittings with metric-perfect tubing. 

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