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iPhone Wireless Fast Charging

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So I know I the iPhone 8 (my device) is capable of up to 7.5W wireless charging after an update a while ago but am confused. I have an Anker wireless pad that claims it can do 10W. Does the pad need a special 7.5W mode or should that not matter? Also, I tried to determine what speed my device is charging via an app. Plugged into the stock 5W adapter it said ~1900mA. This doesn’t make sense though because I thought USB was 5V and if it’s reporting accurately I somehow charged at ~9W which shouldn’t be possible over Wireless (I thought) or from the brick. I tried again on an Anker 24W Brick (2x 12W ports, 1 brick) and it showed ~1,800mA. I’m guessing this app is just horribly off or is there something going on I’m not aware of? It’s not an issue but would love to know the science behind it.

(FYI, I understand that wireless charging happens via induction between 2 coils but that’s about it, I don’t know the iPhone specifics)


Nitty Gritty:

iPhone 8 in the ballpark of 25% battery

5V by 1A Apple Brick

2x 5V by 2.4A Anker PowerPort Elite Black

10W Anker PowerPort Wireless 10

App: Ampere - Charger Testing



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