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DS1815+ power up issue

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello :)


my Synology DS1815+ won't turn on anymore. I thought it was the PSU so I got a replacement, but the problem remains the same.

However, if I jump-start the PSU (not the motherboard) by shorting pins 3 and 4 (black and green wires, using a paperclip) on the PSU->MB power connector (is it an ATX 24 pins connector?) while it is connected to the MB (I do this on the "external side of the connector, obviously since the internal side is connected to the MB), then the DS1815+ turns ON and behaves normally.


I thought maybe the front panel (power button) is defective. I didn't try to jump-start the motherboard since I don't know which pins correspond to PWR_SW.

I tried to power ON the DS1815+ using the front panel from a different unit that I could borrow (DS1819+) and that seems to be identical, however, the DS1815+ won't turn ON either.


I guess the problem comes from the MB, right?

Any other idea?


What sucks with my current paperclip fix is that I cannot turn OFF the DS1815+ without removing the paperclip. I can reboot it, though.


I'd be very happy if I could find a more elegant permanent fix... Maybe shorting pins 3 and 4 but with a switch (a power button) or something...


All suggestions and ideas are most welcome.


Thank you very much in advance for your feedback.




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Posted · Original PosterOP



Actually I posted after watching several videos like these (especially the 1st one) and came up with the workaround of jump-starting the psu (on the wire side of the 24pins connector).


I'm still looking for a more elegant / permanent fix though.

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got rid of my Synology because of similar issues a few years back. Running Unraid or Freenas is better.

Motherboard/PSU or Controller Card blow up you just get some spare parts and boot it back up.


Synology i think i lost all my data twice because of some kind of issue.

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