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PC won't post after switching cases

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Posted · Original PosterOP


CPU- Ryzen 3700x
Motherboard- x570 Phantom Gaming 4
RAM- Corsair Vengeance LPX 3200 16gb
Graphics card- MSI RX 580
PSU- RM650x

Hi All,

Recently I moved my build from an older case into a Fractal Design Define R6. I moved everything over into my new case and when turning it on; no display would show+ peripherals would light up for a split-second and then go off. The motherboard would show both CPU and Ram red lights and then of course without the GPU being present it would show a GPU light also, due to the 3700x not having integrated graphics.

I breadboarded the system and also built it again in my old case with a different GPU and PSU and still the same thing would occur (display would show+ peripherals would light up for a split-second and then go off).

I am quite unsure though if it is the CPU or the motherboard. However, I am leaning towards the motherboard being faulty due to it showing a ram error when I know for certain the ram works perfectly as I am using it now in my back up system. The CPU also worked perfectly before I switched cases. I am using the PSU+Ram+GPU in another system so I know they work perfectly.

I am thinking I damaged it whilst moving it. I am okay with replacing either/both parts, but I would just like to know for certain so I don't have to mess around with Amazon and returns in case one of the parts is still fully functional.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Cheers for the help!

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