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How to Add Unallocated Storage to Windows C Disk

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I just upgraded my SSD in my laptop and I am trying to add around 80 GB to Windows C and make the rest into a smaller game library for games that I want to boot a bit faster. When I right click the Windows C disk the extend volume is greyed out and I cannot extend it. 


This is what I am seeing and thank you for all your help. 

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Oh, well, it is not possible to do that because there's a partition in the way.


I guess you still can, but you might need to create a Ubuntu Live USB (or any Linux with Gparted app) and boot from the Live USB, and you can sort of move the partition to the most far right so you can extend the unallocated disk space to your C drive using the built-in GParted app.


Do note: moving partition is a risky process and it might causes data corruption if anything gone wrong (including unbootable Windows). Please do a backup before moving the partition.

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you wont be able to extend without moving the partition, which is generally not recommended unless you're planning on formatting the drive and reinstalling the OS.


if you just want more space on your C drive you can relocate your system folders (my documents, pictures, downloads etc) to the D drive and then just create a new volume with what is currently unallocated on the C drive

Judge the product by it's own merits, not by the Company that created it.



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There is a bunch of free partition software you could try, like MiniTool Partion Wizard

First you need to move the recovery partition 80 GB to the right, then extend drive c.

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