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Hz Eurythmic

my headset microphone is picking up in-game sounds and is staci-y

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

I'm playing fortnite on my brand new pc and i haven't touched any microphone settings besides the mic boost. i have it on 100% and at +30db boost. before, it was just on 100% and it was really quiet. i had to put it at max boost for my party to hear me regularly. they now can hear in-game sounds and to fix that i have to put my game sounds on 0% which is not helpful at all. please help!!! even when i mute it, they can still hear static. i have to unplug the mic cord and keep the headphones cord in to hear without them complaining

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you have to play with the settings of the mic in the game and on the pc if your mic can flex move it futher away from you what head set do you have


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2 hours ago, AngryBeaver said:

Sounds like a short to me.

Definitely something is causing electrical interference. You can get dirt cheap desktop mics from pretty much anywhere. Try Amazon, Aliexpress (if it's not urgent), or your local Craigslist and thrift stores.

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