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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello there...

lets say i have a network name (for WLAN) "Internet-Router"
when i want to connect to my wlan router sometimes my pc wont connect. i can only see the "connecting" status but it wont work and after that it say "cant connect to network" 
when i delete my wlan profile in cmd with "netsh wlan delete profile name="Internet-Router"  it works but now here is the thing.
My pc shows me a 2nd connection and its named "Internet-Router 2". I only have 1 router and one connection. now i am connected to Internet-Router 2 and can still see my normal "internet-Router" in the possible wlan selection.

My Main question now is. Do you guys now how i can avoid the daily grind to delete my wlan profile.

The Info about this weird "Internet-Router 2" is only cool to know how and why i connect to that instead to my normal router. ( Again i just have 1 router only my pc in my home creates a new selection named "Internet-Router 2 on which i can connect"

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The Name "Internet-Router 2" is just an alias, because "internet-Router" is still somewhere in the system it adds a number. They both use the same SSID ("Internet-Router").

Try to delete both connections via the WLAN Settings -> Known Networks (button "do not save"). Maybe that removes the entries completly.

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PS: tried it via netsh and the entry was completely deleted, so no difference to doing via netsh or UI.

Another idea just popped up (don't know if it is possible): do you have a 2.4GHz and 5Ghz WLAN? And do the both use the same SSID? May thats the reason for two entries with the same SSID. If that is the case, with my router I can configure different SSID for 2.4 und 5GHz...

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