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Laptop for Content Creation. Budget max. 2300€

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi, I am looking for a new laptop that is mostly meant for content creation. I mainly use Lightroom, Photoshop for photo editing, Blender for 3D rendering, Unity for game development and After Effects for motion graphics. I will do all my extremely heavy work on my PC, but I still want a laptop that can potentially handle more modest tasks if I'm on the go. 


Laptop NEEDS to have these:

- At least 6 core i7 (Don't care for i9)

- At least 100% sRGB screen. It has to be color accurate and bright.

- Excellent 1080p IPS is fine (4k and OLED is not a must)

- A decent enough GPU that can provide juice for Blender rendering, After Effects (CUDA) and modest gaming (I am not a serious gamer 😀)

- 16GB RAM and at least 512GB SSD

- Good battery life (5-6 hours browsing web for example)

- Relatively lightweight, somewhere around 2-2.2kg is good (2.5kg is too much)


And then preferably I would want these, but are not a must:

- SD card reader

- 16:10 aspect ratio

- 15,6" screen, 17" too big

- Has numpad

- The more and varied I/O, the better


And like title says, maximum budget is preferably 2300€. Anyone got any suggestions? 

Thank you!

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