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Weird issue with case USB.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

After upgrading my Mobo (MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge) and CPU(i5-10600k), one of the usb's ports on my case only seems to want to read usb 3.0 devices, or at least that's how it seems. The most I've tested is plugging in a micro USB to a controller and not getting any response, but with a USB thumb drive, the drive is read and can copy and read files.

I've double check the 3.0 connector, updates the BIOS I'm pretty sure I got all the new drivers, so I'm out of ideas on how to fix this, so any help would be much appertiated.



Edit: It might be worth mention that on the case (Corsair 400C) One of the USBs works just fine with anything I put in it, it's just the one in particular that doesn't want to cooperate all the time.

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Is the controller a USB 1.0 device? (Some, especially older, peripherals are—even some things like printers, if they didn't need 2.0 speeds or pre-date 2.0, they went with 1.0.) I ask, because Windows recently had an update where they disabled the use of 1.0 devices on 3.0 ports. So the controller might need to be plugged into a 2.0 port, even if that's inconveniently on the back of the PC.

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