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What do I need to make RGB work on this PC case?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have never used RGB before and don't have much idea about how it works. So I have a non RGB motherboard (Asrock H110 DVP) and I am planning to get this case https://www.antesports.com/ICE-400TG-cabinet.html

So how do the lights in the case actually become operational ? Will thy work without mobo, cpu being installed?  Do I need a motherboard with RGB headers? I just plan to transfer my existing rig from one case to this new case. This new case comes with a remote controller it says. Please guide.


Regards & thanks

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It'll depend what the controller the case comes supplied connects to... esp. for power.

It may work perfectly fine off the remote, but that may well be something you only find out by buying the case.

Did you test boot it, before you built in into the case?

WHY NOT...?!

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