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HELP! My software RAID 0 array is somehow broken

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Posted · Original PosterOP

i'll be brief:


i have a software (windows 10) RAID 0 consisting of 2 identical mechanical drives as general storage and i boot from an SSD. I plugged in an old HDD i had just to check what was left in there (it used to be a boot drive and still had windows 10 installed in it). This somehow prevented me from getting past the windows loading screen so i decided to restart because i assumed it was trying to boot from the old drive. I went to the BIOS and made sure to boot from the SSD. It tried to load windows and then it sent me to the repair thing which then prompted me to restart. To make sure everything was OK i turned off the PC, unplugged the old drive and then it booted up normally but i found that the PC was chugging hard to open file explorer. When it did my raid array that was named "RAID (D:)" was no longer called that and just called Local Disk (D:) it didn't grant me access and all the games i had installed in it showed as blank links in my desktop.


I turned the PC off, checked the BIOS and both of my raid 0 drives showed up normally, got into windows, in Disk Management the (D:) Drive still showed as a 1.8tb partition and it was reported as healthy. When i checked Storage Spaces one of the two drives showed a warning of "Error; consider replacing"


It might be true that plugging in the old drive was just a coincidence but its too big of a coincidence for me. I believe the error is a false error and was caused by some mixup with the old drive.


How do confirm or deny my suspicions? Is there something i can do to recover my files? what should i check/try?


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use something like HDDGuardian to check the SMART data on the two drives.



I hope you have backups!

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