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Restarting randomly Ryzen 3 Problem

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I Had this problem when I first built my system (I will list everything I have done to troubleshoot) I get random restarting, no BSOD, during gaming. It "went away" now its back.

To give context I managed to stream Destiny 2 with OBS streamlabs @50fps while the game ran on max graphics limited to 99fps (dipped to 80 during heavy sections) no stutters

3 benq monitors with spotify running. NOW it's came back can't run destiny by itself without restarting



Ryzen 3 3200g (stock cooler) originally overclocked to 4000 @1.375mhz (in BIOS) 

AsRock B450 Pro4-f

evga classified gtx 980 ti ,the system was built mid febuary and the 980 was added after (this was the only pre-owned part in the build) and previously was tested with a gtx660 too 

Crucial ballistix 2 x 8G 3200mhz

x4 120mm chassis fans (x2 EVGA x1 Noctua x1 CIT )

Notua fan controller

EVGA 600w 80plus White PSU

CIT 7 case


Troubleshooting I have done-

ALL bios and drivers up to date and checked

reseated RAM 

ran Memtest86 (no errors)

refitted GPU

cleaned entire system

refitted all cables

fitted Noctua Fan controller

had all fans running on performance mode to cool system further 

removed/reinstalled MOD software for ram

Enabled XMP profile @3200 & 3133 mhz 

Disabled XMP profile @3200mhz

Set overclock voltage to 1.35 in BIOS

Set clock speed to standard in BIOS

Disabled overheat protection in BIOS

Changed Win power settings high/balanced/ custom

Changed max cpu power to 95% (this seemed to work but performance was hindered)

Used Different gaming graphic settings

tried different monitors

used different GPU ports

removed all non essential USB peripherals 

reinstalled all drivers

ran windows repair

ran furmark numerous times - only crashed once out of at least 10 times

enabled minidump - no logs appear

disabled Vega graphics

Updated Windows 10




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The problem's the power supply. EVGA W1 and N1 units are utterly horrible garbage and are known to destroy systems when they fail. Replace it before it kills the entire PC.

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