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Audio configuration giving in weird sounds through OBS, even when muted on mixer.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello everyone
I've had this issue for a while, but never cared to look more into it until now, since I've decided to go back to streaming...

Set up and configs: I've got a Rode NT2-A hooked up to a Yamaha MG06X mixer (non-usb), which is hooked up to a Scarlett 2i2 1st. Gen (all of them being at least 4yo) connected to my pc (which is fairly old, running an i7-3820 since late 2012).

After messing a bit with the filters for Mic/Aux on OBS, I got to a fairly good point, having my noise supressions levels being between -35 to -60dB (since I`ve got quite a loud computer running on the background), and my output gain being from 4 - 10db depending on how much gain I initially add through the audio interface and/or mixer.

Issue at hand:

Whenever I'm quiet and the mic ins't reaching the threshold set by me (-16dB for close and -30dB for open), you are still able to see the audio levels going up and down constantly and hear some, although very quiet, weird noises that shouldn't be there, as shown here: https://youtu.be/oiMPMbLDh_0

I don't think the noises comming through are a result to some Obs glitch; neither a faulty audio driver for my scarlet 2i2; but rather from a hardware issue related to the mixer, audio interface or even the microphone.
I've also tried muting the microphone'`s volume at the mixer, and just adding gain from the scarlett interface, which made this sound in result: https://voca.ro/osMaCfQ3LQm

Could this be just my interface fucking up; ground loops or mechanical noise coming from my pc and getting through the audio interface?
I've got no idea what it could actually be, but will be willing to provide anything so I can behind all this.

Thanks Everyone,

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP
15 hours ago, The Flying Sloth said:

Try skipping the mixer and going straight into the interface.

Tried it, and yes, it seems to be an audio interface issue. You still are able hear the same noise on both chanells of the interface ->

Whenever I set my gain to be above 50% on the interface, you are able to hear a staticky sound; and by increasing the gain on obs, you are able to hear the wavy sound.


But could this be due to it picking up my computer noises through the usb connection, or just a faulty interface?
Have also heard something about the possibility of the xlr cables being unbalanced.

*UPDATE: Just tried recording something on audacity, and I don't see to be getting the same issues as on obs.
Neither when I'm listening to the mic being picked up on windows sound panel. Just get the background noise 

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