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($CDN) Nothing is workinggggg (Cant get into BIOS) :(

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So i finally got a pc, all second hand components 

i5 6400

2x8gb ram 2133mHz

asus z170m plus mobo

iGPU (looking for a good deal on a rx 580, should buy in next few days)

500W psu, rocket fish gaming, i know, im sorry, no name power supply, however this is 80 plus certified so i thought this model would be ok

500 gb 850 evo ssd

cpu and mobo were 220

16gb ram was 50

psu was 25 but was brand new, unopened plastic packaging

bought a cheap $160 build which had the ssd, MAY BE IMPORTANT, when i tested the build which had this SSD before i bought it, windows 10 was running fine


My issue was originally that the monitor wouldnt display anything, but i figured that out by taking out the small battery and that restored the BIOS settings and recognized the iGPU

But now my monitor is just stuck on the American Megatrends screen and i cant get into the BIOS

I've pressed everything but either I don't press them fast enough, i press the wrong buttons, or i just don't have enough time, i cant get into the BIOS, for a split second, it says press F1 or delete, but idk why it doesn't work

I don't have/haven't made a USB with the windows installation media, because i think if i can get into the BIOS ans boot from the SSD, i should have a working computer

Please let me know what i should do right now, in the future and any advice for when i get my graphics card and have to add that to my build

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That 80+ rating/ certification has no impact, bearing, claim, statement, or anything synonymous with build quality. It simply states that at a given wattage, it's efficiency is expected to be x%.

Just for clarification, the system was verified as functioning with the current motherboard correct? If so, attempt re-seating your CPU and both your memory sticks. It wouldn't  hurt to do another clear CMOS after doing so as well.

While the system is booting (as in, you don't have to wait for the splash screen before you start attempting to hit the key), you're able to smash either del or F1, both if you so wish, if I'm not mistaken that's Asus' default key for BIOS setup, F1 is likely boot override
Read through the manual as well (you can find it online if you don't have a physical copy), it's possible that your board has functions to access the bios by holding the power button for a set period of time (my board, for example, has the option to enable Go2Bios where it will boot into my UEFI if the power button is held for five seconds)

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CPU:  Intel  i7-4790k | RAM: 4x4GB G.Skill Ripjaws Z | Cooling: XSPC/EK/Bitspower loop | MOBO: MSI Z97-G45 | PSU: Seasonic Prime 750 Titanium  

SSD: 250GB Crucial MX200 (OS) | 1TB Crucial MX500 | Case: Phanteks Evolv X | GPU: EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 (with EK Block) | HDD: 1x Seagate Barracuda 2TB

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