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Fast startup doesn't work after Windows 10 update

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I've noticed that my Fast Startup is missing after latest Windows 10 update. What impressed me the most after I built my PC was that it was turning on in less than 6-7 seconds. CPU timer was not resetting when I was using it, now I noticed it doesn't work as it does "fully shutdown" my PC each time as it resets the work time on my CPU plus also it boots up sometimes as long as 20 seconds (which is of a big difference compared to 6 seconds). 

Is there anyway to re-enable this feature? It does appear as it is on in settings however just doesn't work. I'm running 64bit Windows 10 Home I'd be more than willing to upgrade to Pro/Enterprise/Workbench if it would solve my issue tbh. 
I'm running my system on single XPG Gammix S50 Series ADATA M.2 that has read of 5000mb/s and write of 4400mb/s so I really am looking for that fast startup to kick in. Also just before I created this post my PC was booting up for more than 30+ seconds (black screen loading up system - ASRock mobo) so I'd like to get it sorted. 

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