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What air cooler would you recommend with cooling preformance between a 212 and a NH-U12s?

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The title. I'm not looking to spend any more than $60, because at that point I can just buy the Noctua cooler. Just looking for a quiet, good looking, cooler that could run something like a 3900x at stock speeds without issue.

@BlueScope819 so I can see your post


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The Gelid Phantom Black is a decent choice, not sure if it’s only available in the UK though. Also maybe try the esports Duo 34?

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9 hours ago, gloop said:

Also maybe try the esports Duo 34?

imo at that point he's better off with the standard freezer 34 + another fan.


60usd -> thermalright true spirit 140 power. SIlent, powerful, tall, badass


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Also it’s just as good if not better than D15. For 50 usd.

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To give solid recommendations i need to know what case its going into. If the cooler does fit it doesn't matter.

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