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Optical Drive Failure during Da Ali G show?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello all! My name is Daniel and my PS4 Slim’s optical drive is dead. It all happened a few days ago. I was watching Da Ali G show on DVD with my PS4 Slim. While watching the second episode, the video and audio suddenly paused.


At the time I thought the disc was dirty or scratched at that point and figured normal DVD playback problems. I gave it a few minutes, but no change. While the console still responded to controller input, the video would not resume. I could not hear any noises from the optical drive. I tried seeking, pressing play/pause, and fast forwarding, but no change from the paused video.


Suddenly, the screen went black and the console rebooted. After logging back in, I tried reopening the DVD Player application, but was greeted with an unfamiliar error message. In short, it stated the disc was not the correct region for the console. Now, I am fully versed in the different disc regions for DVD and Bluray. This disc was region 1 only, and can play in my other DVD players around the house.


I tried to eject the disc. I pushed the eject button, which gave one beep, but nothing happened. No sounds from the optical drive and my DVD did not budge. This has never happened to me before. I tried a software eject, which also did not work. In the end, I broke out the my precision set and manually ejected my DVD.


After removing the disc, I powered off the PS4 Slim and turned it back on. I tried putting a PS4 game into the drive, but the system would not accept the disc. I tried placing it all the way into the slot, but the ODD would not do anything to suck it in. It behaved like it had no power at all. I pressed the eject button, and it responded with the normal quick succession of beeps that indicate the drive is empty.


My next course of action was a software update. My console is running software version 7.50, and it had an update to 7.51. I tried updating the system, but I hit a snag: error code SU-42118-6. I had to plug in my controller to the console in order to navigate through the error message. I have not tried a USB update yet, as I wanted to hear from you all about what I should do next.


That where it stands right now, I am stuck with a PS4 Slim Digital Edition, which has forced me to break out my PS3 Slim to play games and watch movies. I just want to fix my PS4 Slim so I can finish Red Dead Redemption 2.


Some background info, this was the first time I used the console since February. I am a physical media person, so 95% of my library is physical PS4 games. I am an A+ licensed computer technician, so feel free to speak in technical jargon, I will understand ;).

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Sounds like the disc drive bricked itself for no reason, that or it managed to fry itself. Either way, if you can replace it, go ahead, but otherwise, see if you can send it to Sony for repair, if possible.

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Sony is quite notorious for making badly designed/manufactured consoles

I doubt it's a software issue, so disassemble your ps4, remove the drive, clean it, assemble it back.

if that doesn't work, the drive is dead

although it wasn't used since February, did you store it in a dry/humid or Hot/cold environment? 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

No it was not stored. It was sitting on the shelf plugged in. I just have not had a chance to use it in 5 months. The apartment is kept at 68*F and windows are always shut. Humidity is average for the Northern Virginia area, balanced.

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