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my experience with xenia(fh2)

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Posted · Original PosterOP

i bought the fh2 disk i always wanted to play this game for a long time and the next day BOOM red ring of death (back when fh2 just came out)

6 years later thanks to xenia i am able to

xenia is a good emulator which is hugely under development 

so lets start:

game launched and is beatable has a lot of bugs and glitches

performance isnt really good with lower end hardware

my specs:

i5 7400 

gtx 980 

16gb 2400mhz

game ran about 20-24fps and some places on 15-19fps 

it was playable (kind of) but alot of glitches 

first of all car physics sometimes just dont work and they are uncontrolable, playing a racing game with 20-24fps is really hard thanks to rewind mechanic it was much easier without that it would take forever because game had many freezes and slow downs and controlles where so unresponsive

game would crash in some areas and if player has camera at some special objects sometime road will just go away and car will fall through

but still a great emulator and its still under development so we can expect a much better experience in future

im going for forza horizon 1 tonight which i also wanted to play on my xbox but never bought the game and prefered to buy gta 5 instead 7 years ago

just a quick help for others if they want to play a game using xenia full screen mode sometimes messes with the game and makes the game slow down 2-3 times so dont try full screen mode 

also note that my cpu and gpu where on 100% all the time

edit: so after playing fh1 i can say that 30% of races make game crash but it gets much better fps and frame times than fh2 but still not completable

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