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DIY mesh Wi-Fi help

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So am planning for my networking like this.... 3 floor building which consists of 4 routers, in which 1 is main and other 3 are converted as AP....(Dual band Router is cheaper than Dual band AP in India) and given same SSID, encryption and pwd creating a mesh Wi-Fi... so now I'll have 8 SSID in total from 4 routers (dual band Wi-Fi), now can I disable other 3 AP's SSID broadcast and still run mesh Wi-Fi or all SSID broadcast should be turned on? 

I don't want to see all 8 SSID when I open Wi-Fi settings ...


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Technically, if you have all of the wireless APs wired into a primary router, this isn't a mesh system. But I understand what you're trying to do.


If you give each AP the same SSID, it will appear as 1 to connecting clients. So you don't have to disable SSID broadcast on any AP.


I'd encourage you to configure each AP's WiFi settings properly: turn down output power so that wireless signal coverage just barely overlaps the next AP, place each radio's broadcast on a separate non-overlapping wireless channel (especially when it comes to 2.4GHz), force clients to use 5GHz preferentially, and use identical encryption/security/channel widths. Should make for easy hand-off for clients moving between APs.

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