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Additional Case Fans & Cabling

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Hey everyone, I am wanting to add 3 Corsair LL120 fans to my build. However, I am unsure about my motherboard & power supply supporting them and how to power them. (this is my first PC build)
I am running a Corsair CX450M PSU and a Gigabyte B450M DS3H motherboard.
The motherboard only has one fan header but I believe I will be able to get a fan hub to split the power for the now 5 fans in my case. (right?)
and I am unsure about the additional power for the RGB fan hub and the RGB controller that comes with the fans as it will require 2 SATA connections. 
I think that 3 of the ports on the PSU can be used for SATA but I am using one for a HDD, I will need one for the fan hub and I want to be able to add an additional HDD in the future. 
Is a SATA splitter cable all I need?  
Any help is much appreciated. 

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Corsair has 3 controllers/hubs for controlling light of your fans. your going to need one of or two depending on the wants of the lighting affects.


As for power consumption rgb is really low. 


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Technically you have 2 headers. Using CPU just means that all fans will automatically follow CPU fan curve. You can power some 2-4 fans per header easily. I personally wouldn't go over 4 fans per header even if they technically would work.


As for RGB, if you buy 3-pack you get controller included.

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