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Corsair custom water cooling

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm thinking of getting a custom water loop. Are Corsair's custom water loop components good? Are they overpriced?

Also, what can be done without the Commander Pro?

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Corsair components are good. I am personally leary of the GPU waterblock as its very close to leaking because of poor design for the inlet/outlet area that has been covered by Jayztwocents here: 



I personally use the XD5 Pump/rez combo and its gorgeous and works flawlessly. Its based off a Xylem D5 pump so it is about the best you can get from a pump stand point. There fittings are sources from Bitspower which is pretty much the top dog in fittings in my opinion. 

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other than GPU blocks as listed above everything else they make is good.

Good luck, Have fun, Build PC, and have a last gen console for use once a year. I should answer most of the time between 9 to 3 PST

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Slightly for some products. But that’s to be expected when starting a new line. But so many companies offered new lineups that cost a lot more. 

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Lets be honest about that GPU block though, if you design your runs right so you arent putting pressure on the block then it wont leak, its only when you try to force it into a angle thats not true. Im not saying its a great design, that fault shouldnt exist, but I personally would still buy one if I was doing a full corsair loop (which I might do when Ryzen 4000 series and 3000 rtx cards come out)

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1 hour ago, Ravendarat said:

Lets be honest about that GPU block though, if you design your runs right so you arent putting pressure on the block then it wont leak, its only when you try to force it into a angle thats not true. 

Exactly this. It's definitely built to a price and wouldn't exhibit the issue if it wasn't for penny-pinching, but in the real world there are going to be almost no situations in which directional forces like these are actually exerted within a case. So unless you go around tugging on hoses or hard lines you'll be fine.


Don't think I'd buy one (or the CPU block) but that's mostly as I prefer the aesthetics of the Watercool stuff. It I already had one in my system I wouldn't worry enough to swap it out.


I might use Corsair fittings in my build, I'd initially planned to go with EK but I don't think the Corsair stuff ends up much more expensive. Does anyone know if the bitspower o-rings fit them out of the box?

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16 hours ago, echo45 said:

Are they overpriced? 

bykski/barrow fittings are much cheaper

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