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Almost done with build but confused about graphics card

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Hey ya'll  everyone in this forum has been so kind in helping me with my build, so thank you and bless you all, I am finally ready to purchase my last part. I have already purchased two graphics cards and cancelled them, and cancelled a bunch of other stuff as well but I am finally almost done. 


So the Graphics card I want to buy is the 5600 XT. I originally purchased the gigabyte windforce model because it was the cheapest, but this forum convinced me to pruchase the Sapphire pulse model instead because it has way better thermals and stuff. But I am confused because the graphics card says PCIe 4,0, and I don't think my motherboard has PCIe 4,0, so now I am really confused and don't know what to do. So if someone could please advise if the card is compatible with my build (https://pcpartpicker.com/list/CBNdhg) my motherboard is the MSI b450 tomahawk max



And also if anyone wants to give me any last second reccomendations, go ahead before I go crazy lmfao


Parts list again:


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A pcie 4.0 card will work with pcie 3.0 

You just won't get the advantage of the extra bandwidth ( doesn't matter as no card saturates gen 3 and only top end cards saturate gen 2 )

It will work.

Fun Fact: The Meshify c is the best case to ever exist.






B550m TuF plus.

Hyper x rgb 8 gig stick. (MJR or CJR  i still don't know lol).

1650 super.







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PCI-e 3.0 graphics cards aren't even at bandwidth saturation point yet, so 4.0 isn't a dire need, yet.

Only 5xx chipsets support 4.0, so no - it doesn't

Did you test boot it, before you built in into the case?

WHY NOT...?!

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If the motherboard doesn't have pci-e 4.0 , the video card will work in pci-e 3.0 mode and will work perfectly fine.

In real world, you won't notice the difference.


Look into B550 chipset boards, they may have better value for a few dollars more.



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